Thursday Keynote

Derrick Dufresne

Supporting Individuals to invent the future!
Almost every prediction regarding the limitations of people with disabilities for the last 100 years has been proven dead wrong. 
First the experts said people with disabilities wouldn’t live very long. Then they couldn’t learn or recover, and then they couldn't work.  And on and on it has gone.
People with disabilities don’t want us to be pilots, but rather navigators that assist in helping them to get a life - not a program.  The problem is that many professionals see the world through the prism of what has been, not what could be.
This limits options, possibilities, and potential.
This presentation will challenge participants to create “dosearch” to create the research and the data that can guide services and supports – Practice Based Evidence. The role of staff in this important transformation is critical. We need to be inventing, not preventing, desirable futures for people with disabilities.