Video Theater

Lest We Forget: Silent Voices
By Mark R. Lyons
A Partners for Community Living Production

Lest We Forget is a powerful and empowering journey through the first-person stories of people with developmental disabilities who were sent away to state institutions. The life-long impact of institutionalization was experienced not only by those who spent decades in these human warehouses. The story is also told through the voices of the parents and siblings who were left behind, as well as the pioneering professionals and advocates who put their own lives and careers in jeopardy to bring about change. These are stories that happened throughout America — and only a few decades ago. The film is an important and unusual effort to record and preserve these recollections of a little-known part of the civil rights movement before they are lost to history.

42 minutes

On the Spectrum
By Nathalie Dziobek-Bepler

The four individuals profiled in this unusual documentary describe the ways Asperger syndrome has affected their lives, their work and their relationships. They express the relief they felt when they were finally diagnosed in adulthood, and at last found an explanation for the years of frustration, anxiety and depression they experienced when peers and teachers shunned them for their abnormal behavior. But they also make clear that they have learned to cope with the disorder, even in some cases to find special strengths from it, and have experienced the comfort and reinforcement of participating with others "like them" in an Asperger's support group.

53 minutes

Mothers of Courage
By Rosie Dransfeld
National Film Board of Canada

This insightful video is a tribute to dedicated mothers and fathers throughout North America who fight and organize for their children to get the medical and social services they need. Bethany was born with hydrocephalus. At nine years old, she has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, and severe visual defects as well. Yet she appears to be a happy, loving child, who is coping well both at home and in her mainstreamed classroom due to the efforts of her mother’s strong will. Mothers of Courage is an uplifting story of the best that can happen when parents, school, and community are able to work together to support children with special needs.

48 minutes