Wednesday Keynote

Denise Bissonnette

Rekindle the Flame
Renewing Purpose and Passion in Work

Designed to re-ignite the power, passion and purpose which originally drew people to their work, this keynote presentation intertwines poetry, parables, and practical applications to put soul back into the everyday realities of life on the job.  With warmth, humility and humor, Denise delivers ideas and insights from the world’s great wisdom traditions in a way that is easy to understand, process, and apply to the 21st century workplace.  Based on ten key lines of inquiry drawn from her book The Wholehearted Journey, Denise offers her audience a unique opportunity to view work in general, and their jobs in particular, in a fresh light.  Through a variety of engaging exercises, attendees will gain clarity and awareness of their values, motives and purposes, reframe challenges as teachers, and redefine their wealth. It is said that the coal that has been an ember is easily kindled.  This keynote provides the gentle but deliberate breath to rekindle the fire that originally brought people to the important work they are doing.