Keynote Session Thursday Morning, August 9

9:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.


“Unleashing the Power of People and Teams: The Solution for

Turbulent Times”

A Keynote Presentation by George Suess



When asked, “What do you believe is the most unique aspect of Delarc?” one employee’s response summed up that of most others. The culture. It’s like we are on a different planet, not even close to being at work.

In this session, George Suess, addresses key leadership issues and practical solutions for improving service quality, staff morale and outcome performance. Find out how this organization in a remote area of New York State has captured the attention of state governments, national trade associations, The New York Times, and dozens of community-based rehabilitation agencies across the country.

George has over 40 years of experience in human services and education. He has been employed by The Arc of Delaware County, New York (Delarc) for 33 years and has served as CEO for the past 26 years. The organization has published three books written by Mr. Suess and his team including the best seller Shift Happens: Making the Shift to Proactive Behavior Management, the monograph Vantage Point: A Dynamic Approach to Employee Orientation, and the newest book Welcome to Caring Without Restraint.