DateTimesSpeaker NamesTitle
09-Aug-169:00 AMTrina Sieling and Tracy DudekIt's Not a Black and White World:  You Have to Listen in Colors to Communicate
09-Aug-169:00 AMJane St. JohnCharting the LifeCourse:  A "Playbook" for the GOOD LIFE for Those You Support!
10-Aug-169:00 AMMichael SmullFrom Person-Centered to Person-Directed
10-Aug-1610:45 AMMary MercerUnplugging Power Struggles
10-Aug-1610:45 AMSherry SuessWatercolor for People Who Don't Paint
10-Aug-1610:45 AMJason Laws and Michelle SaundersData Driven Outcomes:  Using Data to Provide Quality Assurance and Support Meaningful Outcomes for Individuals with I/DD
10-Aug-1610:45 AMTina CampanellaThe Role of Communication in Decision-Making
10-Aug-1610:45 AMCatherine Hayes and Mark WieselUpdated ICF/IID Guidelines:  Human Rights Committee Role and Training Expectations
10-Aug-1610:45 AMDusty Russell and Cyndie KiefferFried:  Better for Okra than QIDPs
10-Aug-161:00 PMBeth Johnson and Casey BentzNurtured Heart Approach
10-Aug-161:00 PMSherry SuessWatercolor for People Who Don't Paint
10-Aug-161:00 PMCyndie KiefferSend in the Dogs
10-Aug-161:00 PMMichael SmullBalancing Choice and Risk
10-Aug-161:00 PMKathy CarmodyMedicaid 101:  A Crash Course for QIDPs
10-Aug-161:00 PMAnnabelle WintersData Makes the World Go Round (So Why Is It So Hard to Get?):  Tips and Things to Avoid When Motivating Staff to Collect Data
10-Aug-162:15 PMShannon Benaitis and Kelly NeurauterWork Your Apps Off:  iPad Accessibility for Increased Independence
10-Aug-162:15 PMKate StraterPost High School Transition to Work:  An Examination of Self-Determination in Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Participating in Project SEARCH
10-Aug-162:15 PMDan HousepianManaging and Supervising Human Services
10-Aug-162:15 PMSylvia Dawkins and KaRae FriersonHow to Motivate Your Staff to Be Their Best at Work!
10-Aug-162:15 PMAmy TaborFrom Inquiry to Insight (to Inspiration)
10-Aug-162:15 PMBob Sandidge and Anne WardYour Professional Voice:  The Voice of Influence
10-Aug-163:30 PMTracee BurkeBringing Music to Life
10-Aug-163:30 PMMichael Kaminsky and Shanee Norfleet-BrownLifeStyles Academy:  Person-Centered Planning for Grand Slam Services in DT
10-Aug-163:30 PMDavid LennoxCritical Components to Restraint Reduction Efforts
10-Aug-163:30 PMArt Dykstra and Timothy WilliamsInternet Gossip:  A Beast That Needs to Be Tamed
10-Aug-163:30 PMMatt BakerPsychiatric Pharmacogenomics:  Introduction and Application
10-Aug-163:30 PMGeorge SuessProgressive Discipline:  Do You Really Know What It Is?
11-Aug-169:00 AMRita EmmettBlast Away Procrastination:  Secrets to the Art of Doing it NOW
11-Aug-1610:30 AMAnthony McCrovitz and Bob BowenThe Collaborative Pitch:  Relationship-Building Elements Empower the Play and Swing-ABILITY for Quality of Life
11-Aug-1610:30 AMKen BellisKnocking It Out of the Park Everyday:  How to Go From "What Will We Do Today?" to a Plan for an Awesome Day Everyday!
11-Aug-1610:30 AMTimothy WilliamsThe Pipe Wrench Theory of Supervisory Power
11-Aug-1610:30 AMShannon Benaitis and Emily FenclWhen There's No More Workshops:  In Pursuit of Choice
11-Aug-1610:30 AMSherry NealBowel Management: Turn a Rookie Into a Pro!
11-Aug-1610:30 AMMatthew Furzland, Robyn Shimmin and Maria FerlickPerformance Based Feedback:  How to Avoid "I Didn't Do It, No One Saw Me Do It, Can't Prove Anything"
11-Aug-161:00 PMTimothy BakerSuicidal Behaviors and Awareness in Intellectually Disabled Individuals
11-Aug-161:00 PMJennifer Russell and Pam Van HessYou Can Put it on the Board!  Using Popular Technology to Increase Functional Communication
11-Aug-161:00 PMLarry WeishaarEmergency Preparedness:  Panicked or Prepared?
11-Aug-161:00 PMKatie GaiekThe Staffing Struggle is Real
11-Aug-161:00 PMRita EmmettConquer Your Clutter
11-Aug-161:00 PMGeorge SuessThe Emerging Leadership Challenge:  States are Moving to Positive Practice.  Are You Ready?
11-Aug-162:15 PMDuane TempelNight Owl:  An Avenue to Community Supported Living and Self-Direction
11-Aug-162:15 PMJill Westring and Faythe AikenThe Art of Effective Listening:  Listening to People and Data to Improve Individual and Organizational Outcomes
11-Aug-162:15 PMMichele HulaBorrowing From the Big Leagues
11-Aug-162:15 PMDavid LennoxA Few of the Most Important Techniques for Improving Staff Performance
11-Aug-162:15 PMBob BowenPerson Directed Planning and Being a Q:  New Models to Serve and Succeed in a Coercive Funding Structure
11-Aug-162:15 PMRandy SeeversUsing Critical Thinking to Promote a Person-Centered Plan
11-Aug-163:30 PMAleigha LowyFight, Flight or Freeze:  Using Behavior Analysis to Address Anxiety
11-Aug-163:30 PMArt Dykstra, Holly Janczak and Kevin SchaeferTips for First-Time Speakers
11-Aug-163:30 PMSusan Gunderson-Black, Alexia Roc and Mary HanburyInnocent or Predatory
11-Aug-163:30 PMTina FogertyDual Diagnosis and Trauma Informed Services
11-Aug-163:30 PMChris WrightPost-Secondary Education:  Finding the Right Fit
11-Aug-163:30 PMGarrett McCannNew Trends in Psychotropic Medications