Sponsors & Exhibitors

NAQ sends a heartfelt thank-you to the following sponsors of the 22nd Annual Conference to be held in Cleveland OH.  

This event would not be possible without your support!

Gold Sponsor:  Home of Guiding Hands

Home of Guiding Hands (HGH) was created as a result of a small, but dedicated and ambitious group of leaders in East County. Since our inception in 1961, Home of Guiding Hands has provided benchmark programming and housing for men, women and children with developmental disabilities. We don’t see ourselves as caregivers; rather, we are partners, facilitators, community members and teachers.  Today, we have evolved from a 14-acre campus in Lakeside, to 31 four to six person homes and community and home based services throughout San Diego County and Imperial Valley.

We believe a self-directed life is a birthright for all. HGH maintains a commitment to best practices in our program delivery and service provision. We are committed to maximizing the independence, productivity and quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.  We strive to deliver person-centered and person-directed services to all children, adolescents and adults who live in our homes or participate in our programs.

NAQ is also pleased to announce that the following exhibitors will be joining us in Cleveland:

Since 2005, CapGrow Partners has been assisting providers across the country with their community-based housing needs by 

offering the following strategic leasing options:




Existing landlord transfers

Leasehold improvement financing

We develop long-term relationships that allow our partners to access capital, maintain complete control of their operations, and focus time and resources on the individuals they serve. Whether providers are looking to maintain capital for business growth, prepare for an acquisition or simply don’t want to own real estate, CapGrow can help.  We buy the house, you make it a home.  Learn more:  http://capgrowpartners.com/

CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership partners with human service organizations and systems to continuously define, measure and improve quality of life and quality of services. CQL offers training, accreditation, consultation and certification services to organizations and systems that share our vision of dignity, opportunity and community for all people. Learn More: www.c-q-l.org

Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company is the nation’s market-leading provider of pharmacy services dedicated to the behavioral health community and those affiliated with managing the cost and quality of their care.  

For more information about their on-site pharmacy models, please visit them at:  www.genoa-qol.com.

Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) is an easy-to-use, web-based instrument developed to detect health risks associated with ID/DD, physical disabilities and aging, and then prompt for special attention and prevention.  HRST helps meet CMS health and safety requirements, assists continuity of care and allows less restrictive settings for individuals.  For more information, visit their website at: http://hrstonline.com/

Rest Assured is Caring people using remarkable technology to help individuals to:
*improve the quality of their lives
*increase their independence
*and, maintain their privacy, health, and safety.

The Rest Assured patented web-based Telecare system uses the latest wireless technology to offer their customers
and their clients real-time interactive in home support services.  Rest Assured services have been specifically designed 
to support adults who have cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities in order to help them grow, develop, and 
enhance the quality of their lives.  To learn more, please visit them at: https://restassuredsystem.com/  

Search Beyond Adventures annually operates over 150 supervised, assisted tours for adults with disabilities.  Founded in 1979 we operate three to twelve day air, train, and mini-bus tours to diverse destinations, ranging from theme parks, music venues, national parks, cruises, and international locations.  Parents and care providers are welcome to participate at reduced rates.  Tour catalogs are available at our conference table.  Contact us us (800) 800-9979 or www.searchbeyond.com for more information.