Tuesday Preconference
9 AM - 4 PM
Charting the LifeCourse: A “Playbook” for
the GOOD LIFE for Those You Support!

Jane St. John, UMKC –
Institute for Human Development, UCEDD,
Kansas City, MO

Supporting “good lives” for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is the purpose and passion of the direct support profession. However, multiple pressures, new rules and required paperwork sometimes get in the way. Currently, the Center for Medicaid Services (CMS) Home and Community Based Services settings and person-centered rules are requiring a change in how services and supports are provided. Our solution to the problem is Charting the LifeCourse.

This intensive, hands-on workshop introduces you to the Charting the LifeCourse framework and tools, developed with self-advocates, families, and disability professionals from across the nation to support “good lives.” It provides you with the information and basic skills needed to get started tomorrow!

The LifeCourse framework focuses on the importance of understanding an individual within the context of his or her family, and how expectations and experiences impact the trajectory toward desired life outcomes. The framework’s tools and visuals validate what you already know while providing concrete strategies to help the individuals you support and their families “hit a grand slam” by articulating their own vision for a good life and how to attain it.

The framework and tools also offer you ways to address day-to-day problem solving and promote meaningful conversations that focus on life outcomes. In addition, you learn the strategies necessary to make person-centered, person-directed, and individualized support plans. The workshop includes opportunities to apply these practical tools, see examples of how others around the nation are using them, and spend time discussing and planning implementation strategies for yourself and/or your organization. 

Join us for a fun, interactive day to learn how you can “swing for the fences,” using the LifeCourse framework and tools in your day-to-day work!

Member - $85
Non Member - $110

“It’s Not a Black and White World: You Have to Listen in Colors to Communicate.”

Presented by Trina Sieling and Tracy Dudek, Trinity Services, Inc.
Joliet, IL

The session is a memorable, fun and fascinating introduction to the DiSC assessment, a dynamic workshop that provides participants with an excellent overview of their personal style of communication, using the four DiSC colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green).

The workshop is an interactive approach that accommodates all learning styles and creates a common, unforgettable language for people to discuss personality and preference in a positive way. It enables participants to improve their interpersonal relationships immediately.

Art Dykstra, CEO of Trinity Services, has praised its benefits: “Not only do staff have a greater sense of their own behavior, they have a much greater understanding of how they relate to others. Describing behavior in colors reduces defensiveness and allows for increased collaboration and productivity.”

Join us in this unique workshop that uses the DiSC assessment as the springboard for understanding your personal style of communication. Leave energized with tools that:

  • Provide a common language to help teams understand one another

  • Improve employee and workplace communication

  • Help you to understand people who aren’t like you as well as those that are too much like you

  • Reduce conflict and avoid misunderstandings.

Participation includes the personal DiSC assessment and a report detailing information about your personal behavioral style–a $45.00 value!

To obtain your copy of the personal assessment, you need to complete a brief online questionnaire. You will receive instructions for the questionnaire shortly after registering for this preconference session. When you arrive for the workshop, you will be given a printed copy of your profile for review–and it is yours to take home.

Due to the time required to prepare the personal profiles prior to the conference, the deadline for registering for the workshop is July 29, 2016, and its cost is non-refundable.

Member - $125
Non Member - $150