Keynote Session
Wednesday, August 7
9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

A Keynote Presentation by Tom Pomeranz
from Universal LifeStiles, LLC

If It's To Be, It's Up To Me!
The Role of the QDDP in Achieving Person-Centered Excellence

Dr. Thomas Pomeranz is a nationally recognized authority, trainer, clinician and consultant in the field of services for people with disabilities.  He is the highly acclaimed creator of Universal Enhancement, which teaches strategies promoting community participation and supporting people to have a quality life.  Additionally, he is noted for his innovative approach to leadership and management training.

Using humor, passion and storytelling, Dr. Tom Pomeranz provides Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals (QDDPs) with information on best practice approaches in their role as leaders in improving the quality of life of individuals for whom they are responsible.    The skills of modeling, prompting, supporting and celebrating are among the foundation tools of the exemplary QDDP as a catalyst in promoting change in the organizational culture.  

Most importantly, Tom emphasizes the power of relationship building as a decisive factor in being an effective leader in influencing support professionals.  We recognize that people who require support are most likely to fulfill their desires and dreams through their relationships with competent, skilled and respectful support professionals.  Through the QDDP’s use of these dynamic leadership and mentoring tools, the professional skills of support professionals are developed and enhanced, ultimately improving their work life and the quality of life of those supported.  The effectiveness of the QDDP in performing this role provides the impetus for people supported to achieve their person centered goals and lead enviable lives.