Featured Speakers:

NAQ is proud to announce that the following speakers will be featured at the conference.  Note that this list is updated periodically as additions are made.  

Title:  Trauma Informed Care for People with Intellectual Disabilities: The Four Keys to Success

Speaker:  Julie P. Gentile, M.D is a Professor and Chair at Wright State University Department of Psychiatry and the Project Director for Ohio’s Coordinating Center of Excellence in Mental Illness/Intellectual Disability and for Ohio’s Telepsychiatry Project for Intellectual Disability, serving over 1,400 patients with intellectual disability from 78 counties utilizing telemedicine. Dr. Gentile has evaluated over 4,000 patients with IDD since 2000. She is the recipient of the American Psychiatric Association’s Menolascino Award for Excellence in Psychiatric Services for Individuals with Intellectual Disability. She has been awarded more than $7 million in grants to fund her projects and she edited a Guide To Intellectual Disability: A Quick Reference Guide in 2019 by Springer Publishing.

Session Description:   Trauma Informed Care is commonly defined as "a treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma".  In this presentation, Dr. Gentile will discuss approaches that have specifically been adapted for people with intellectual disabilities, identify various nuances of prescribing psychotropic medications, and review interviewing techniques for this specialized population.  Attendees will also be familiarized with various behavioral presentations of people with co-occurring mental illness and intellectual disabilities, know the top causes of mortality and most common medical conditions under-diagnosed in patients with intellectual disabilities, and understand the specifics of assessment and treatment on an inpatient unit as well as strategies for discharge of people back to their home communities successfully.



Title:  Challenge of Change:  Everyday Champions, Influencers and Super Heroes

Speaker: John Dickerson has spent the last 45 years the field of developmental disabilities, 32 as Executive Director of The Arc of Indiana If his career is marked by any achievement, he credits to the impact families, self-advocates and professionals have when they organize and work together. He has seen over and over the impact everyone has – the magic – when relationships grow. He spent two years studying our workforce and that led him to found Quillo – a new mobile communications platform designed around people who support people with disabilities. This session will share both lessons he has learned, and a new direction he believes is essential for each of us to grow, develop and thrive in such challenging times. 

Session Description:  We are going through one of the greatest periods of change in our movement’s history. Whether it is the very service systems and models we work in, fast changing technology impacting our field, economic changes from wages to cost of supports, or personal; everything seems to be shifting and changing. To some that is exciting to others it is terrifying as it seems nothing is in our control. In a service system in excess of $100 Billion in government support, and families providing 5 times that level of support - how do we manage to move forward. This session will challenge you to think about where you see yourself and how do you want to respond -: focusing on how you can thrive and grow and shape that change for one person, one program, one agency or an entire system.