Call for Presentations:

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The TEC Conference is no ordinary event.  We believe in providing attendees with practical recommendations and affordable solutions.  We prefer sessions that incorporate interactive, hands-on demonstrations around popular topics of interest.  Topic examples include (but are not limited to) the use of AAC devices to control voice assistants like Alexa or Google; apps that promote independence and community inclusion; and, mainstream off-the-shelf technologies that improve accessibility.  Speakers are highly encouraged to incorporate demonstration of the actual technology and to actively involve members of the audience in the presentation. 

You will be asked to provide several pieces of information on the Call for Presentations.  We recommend that you gather all of your information ahead of time as you will not be able to save incomplete proposals and access them at a later date.  The following information is required for the proposals:  session title, brief session description, 1 – 2 page abstract of detailing session content, speaker photo, speaker resume/vitae, and speaker introduction. 

The unique structure of this event requires that speakers present their session three times over the course of the day.  Each breakout session will be 45 minutes in duration. We are unable to reimburse travel or lodging expenses if your proposal is accepted.  However, we are able to provide a complimentary conference ticket to you which will provide you with full access to the event. Presenters will have access to a display table, Wi-Fi, desktop computer, projector, screen, sound, and a microphone during their session. 

Once the Advisory Committee has reviewed all proposals, they will inform you if your proposal has been selected for inclusion in the program.