The 25th Annual Conference of QIDPs

The National Association of Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals (NAQ for short) has been hosting an annual conference for QIDPs since 1996. A great deal has changed since that debut event 25 years ago but our focus on providing outstanding tools and resources to disability professionals in order to improve and enhance the lives of people with disabilities has not waivered.

We realize that not all states use the term "QIDP". These exceptional professionals go by many names - QDDPs, Case Managers, and Service Coordinators to name just a few. We worry less about their title and more about their function. These disability professionals fulfill a variety of roles - from advocate to educator to leader. They are resilient in the face of challenge. They are uncompromising in the provision of person directed supports. And, they deserve to be part of a community dedicated to supporting them in their work. Attending our 25th Annual QIDP Conference will give these professionals an opportunity to join such a community!

Theme:  NAQ Celebrate 25 Years of Learning, Connecting, and Sharing!
Location:  New Orleans, LA
Dates:  August 10 - 13, 2021


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