About NAQ

Our History:

The National Association of Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals was formed in 1996 by Trinity Services staff to meet the needs of QDDPs (Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals). Please note that QDDPs are also commonly known as QIDPs (Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals) and Case Managers depending on the state in which the person is employed.  Complex challenges combined with limited resources made it evident that a national organization dedicated to addressing historical, conceptual, methodological and ethical issues was needed.  Today, NAQ is the "go to" organization for QDDPs - providing an avenue for connecting with other professionals, sharing evidence based best practices, and serving as a resource for learning and continued education.   

Our Mission:

To promote, protect, and advance the interests of disability professionals in service, application, research, and other means of improving human welfare. 

Our Goals:

The goals of this organization are to: 

  1. promote an outcome-based approach to service delivery and the provision of supports for people with disabilities
  2. provide exposure to and training in best and promising practices
  3. disseminate relevant information through written materials and educational opportunities such as the annual conference
  4. engage in advocacy in the public interest
  5. make public statements consistent with its purposes

2009 NAQ Name Change:

When it was founded in 1996, NAQ was known as The National Association of Qualified Mental Retardation Professionals (QMRPs).  Most states, in response to self advocates and with an understanding of the negative impact of language, have turned away from using the term mental retardation except for diagnostic or reporting requirements.  After much dialogue with advisory board members, systems stake holders and other interested parties, a decision was made to change our name to National Association of Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals (QDDPs).  Though the organization’s name has changed, NAQ’s commitment to providing high quality services and supports to persons with developmental disabilities has not waivered.