Apply Now:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified QIDP.  To get started, you will need to submit several pieces of information:

  1. The certification application is completed online.  The application process includes a criminal background check.  Candidates cannot have a history of criminal, civil, or professional sanctions for conduct detrimental to vulnerable persons or populations.

  2. NAQ membership is required for candidates.  The membership application and dues payment are completed online.     

  3. A 1-2 page essay of introduction.  In 1 to 1½ pages describe why you are hoping to achieve certification as a QIDP. Include, for example, career implications, personal growth, and professional advancement.  See below for guidelines.  

  4. A 3-5 page essay on topic of choice.  In 3 to 5 pages, complete a proposal to address one of the following issues: a) Self-determination; b) Program participant-based services and supports; c) Values-based services; d) Facilitation of creative services and supports; e) Improving services for people with substantial intellectual disabilities; f) Social capital and community change; g) Why compassion is not enough; h) Knowing what’s important. This essay must include: a) A description of the meaning or historical development of the philosophy or concept; b) A summary of how you have applied the concept in your personal work. c) Your opinion regarding how a service provider should apply the concept in its clinical practices; or an exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of the perspective; and d) A summary statement.  See below for additional guidelines.     

  5. Three professional letters of recommendation.  You must obtain three professional letters of reference which highlight your work as a QIDP and verify that you meet the experience requirement for this program. Contact information for the professionals writing the letters should be contained in the letter or attached to facilitate verification of references. By submitting the letters, you give us your permission to contact your references for further information. 

  6. An initial application fee of $150.00.  This fee is used to cover administrative and screening costs and is non refundable.  

  7. A copy of your current resume.

  8. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities you attended.  The transcripts should be sent to the following address directly from the institutions of higher learning.                                 

                                          Attn. Connie Melvin
                                          101 Hempstead Place Suite 1B

                                          Joliet, IL 60433

Essay Evaluation:  

Each applicant for the program should understand the importance of written communication for a QIDP and can expect their essays to be evaluated on organization, content, and grammar.

Essays will be evaluated anonymously by 2 independent reviewers. A total of 30 points will be awarded by a review approved by the NAQ. A score of 20 points is required for acceptance into the program. 

Essay Requirements:    

Essays must be typed, double-spaced, and in a 12 point font.  Each essay must be the original work of the author.  Sources may be cited as appropriate, with attribution.  APA or MLA formats are acceptable.  

The completed essays, letters of recommendation, and personal resume can be emailed to: [email protected].  Once the candidate completes the application, they will receive an invoice for the application fee ($150) via email which can be paid online.     

Upon receipt of all required documents, candidates will be notified that their application is being processed. Once the review of materials, reference verification, receipt of transcripts and background checks are complete, the applicant will be notified of acceptance or nonacceptance for the program. If accepted, the applicant will choose his/her elective coursework.  At this time the candidate will receive an invoice for the certification program ($800) via email which can be paid online.  Once the payment is processed, the applicant will be set up on the online learning program and receive additional instructions.