Position Title::
Clinical Operations Manager

Peppermint Ridge

825 Magnolia Ave. Corona, Ca. 92508

Contact Person::
Laura Boring

Phone Number/Email Address::
[email protected]

Job Description::
SUMMARY OF THE JOB:Under the direct supervision of the Executive Director, the Clinical Operations Manager is responsible for the management and implementation of all residential programs, program support services and ensuring quality services for all clients served by Peppermint Ridge. The primary goal of this position is to ensure the highest quality possible in all Ridge programs and program support services. Standardization and organization of policies and procedures is a key strategy to achieving this goal. Ensures program services meet Federal, State, and Peppermint Ridge regulations and standards.STAFF RELATED RESPONSIBILITIES:Provides leadership and direct supervision to the following positions:QIDP/AdministratorsCommunity Care AdministratorSupported Living SupervisorStaff Development CoordinatorActivities & Volunteer CoordinatorIndependent Contractors/Consultants (Physician, Psychologist, Behavior Management, Speech Pathologist, Recreation Therapist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Dietician, Pharmacist and other related independent contractors/consultants).Works in a collaborative effort with other Department Managers to ensure Peppermint Ridge operates ethically, efficiently and effectively.Develops, implements, and maintains a system that promotes a harmonious working environment that encourages employees to be creative, productive and truly invested in supporting the goals and objectives of the clients we serve at Peppermint Ridge.Through supervision of the QIDP/A’s, Community Care Administrator and Supported Living Supervisor, ensures Facility Managers (FM’s) and all Direct Training Staff (DTS) employees are supervised and are provided effective in-service training that meets licensing requirements and Peppermint Ridge standards. Conducts client and staff observations to ensure that client behavior plans, programming, active treatment, family style dining, medication administration, etc. is in place.Works with Human Resources and other managers to develop and implement strategies designed to reduce employee turnover rates and reduce employee accidents/incidents.Designs and implements an ongoing plan that will result in an occupancy rate that maximizes annual revenue through referrals from Regional Centers and effective marketing. Builds a strong relationship with Regional Centers to become The Ridge liaison for case workers.Maintains HIPAA compliance standards. Acts as the organizations Privacy Officer.Responsible for written notification to the Department of Developmental Services for QIDP/A, Community Care Administrator and RN changes within Peppermint Ridge by filling a DS 1852 and/or HS 215A. Completes HS 215A for new QIDP/A’s. Notifies California Department of Public Health regarding RN’s facility changes through a notification letter.Ensures the consistent and sufficient delivery of quality staff using staffing strategies and systems to maximize the existing and potential staffing pool.Conducts internal client chart audits by reviewing QIDP monthlies, yearly contents, medication consents, functional assessments, Annual Reviews, Semi-Annual Reviews, QIDP Notes, RN notes, etc.Conducts mock licensing surveys along with the applicable Administrator to ensure all aspects of licensing issues are in order through observation of active treatment, client objectives, medication administration, family style dining (diet orders, diet textures, checking temperature and adaptive equipment). Reviews Fire Drills, Staff Reports, SIR’s, HRC, MAR’s and client data collections. To ensure all client issues are addressed and checked for completion and timeliness. Ensures facility license is current and posted along with 2567’s.PROGRAM RELATED RESPONSIBILITIES:Provides supervision and leadership to the Admissions Committee that results in bed occupancy rates that maximize earned revenue while ensuring services can meet the needs of the clients. Receives and reviews all admission packets for placement and coordinates with QIDP/A’s and CC Administrator to ensure proper admission protocol is followed. Maintains an active waiting list for client placement. Holds regular Admissions Committee Meetings.Provides leadership, program plans and coordination in the development of new Community Care and ICF facilities, day programs, recreational and expansion of current programs, as needed.Develops, implements and maintains highly structured risk management systems for the safety and security of all clients including, but not limited to, health-related issues and risk management as it relates to client Individual Service Plans (ISP’s).Maintains professional independent contractors/consultants to ensure current license, fingerprint clearance, liability insurance, TB clearance and annual review of Peppermint Ridge Abuse policy are current and on file. Ensures that contractors/consultants provide the QIDP/A’s with written reports of client assessments, semi and annual reviews and data sheets within consultant’s area of expertise in a timely manner. Reviews and approves consultant invoices prior to accounting payment.Represents Peppermint Ridge to other private and public agencies in matters consistent with the Agency’s mission.Provides leadership and management of quarterly Human Rights Committee meetings. Ensures that a community member, parent and client are represented during each meeting. Notifies facilities, consultants and Regional Centers of meeting dates and times.Serves as back up to all QIDP/A’s and Community Care Administrator during leave of absence, vacation, sick days and vacancies, if needed.Acts as a staff liaison to the Board Committees for Compliance and Programs.Facilitates weekly Risk Management Meetings with QIDP’s, RN’s and FM’s.ADMINISTRATIVE RELATED RESPONSIBILITIES:1) Ensures that QIDP/A’s, Community Care Administrator and Supported Living Supervisor are supervising Facility Managers to make sure that all administrative and financial paperwork (reports, staffing hours within client ratio, QIDP/A Monthlies, Special Incidents Reports, Staff Reports, 2567’s Plans of Correction, etc.) are submitted in an accurate and timely manner.Monitors departmental finances ensuring that revenue and expenditures remain within budgetary limits. Annually audits client P&I funds in each facility.Ensures that client records and files are properly initiated, maintained and stored by Administrators, RN’s and FM’s through chart audits. Reports findings to the Executive Director.Ensures program policies and procedures are accurately written, maintained, distributed and trained as necessary.Reviews Special Incident Reports, Medication Error Reports, Staff Reports and 24 Hour Logs and investigates and evaluates incidents independently. As a member of the Risk Management, Safety Committee, ID Team, HRC and in conjunction with the team, to ensure safety of clients and staff.Writes and/or reviews all Plans of Corrections prior to QIDP/A and Community Care Administrator submission to California Department of Public Health, or social services.Develops, implements and maintains policies, procedures and training manuals for QIDP/A’s, Community Care Administrator and Facility Managers.Conducts semi-annual facility audits to ensure quality of services and compliance with applicable regulations and standards.Ensures that program forms are maintained and revised, as needed.Ensures initial TAR’s are completed 30 days after client admission and that current TAR’S are submitted in a timely manner.Attends Risk Management, Executive Management, Supervisor meetings, in-service trainings, staff meetings and other related meetings.Attends Inland Regional Center bi-monthly ICF and quarterly Community Care meetings. Reports and updates the Executive Director and Administrators.Completes a monthly summary report to the Executive Director to included SIR’s, 2567’s, plans of correction and developments and changes within Peppermint Ridge by the 20th of each month.Maintains files and tracking of SIR’s and 2567’s Plans of Correction for each facility.Completes yearly performance evaluations for QIDP/A’s, Community Care Administrator, Staff Development Coordinator and Activities & Volunteer Coordinator. Completes 90-day, 6-month and 9-month reviews for new employees.Reviews QIDP/A monthlies before they are filed in client charts.Maintains relationship with Day Programs to ensure QIDP/A’s and Community Care Administrator are actively doing on-site visits and follow-up as needed.Reports employee on-the-job injuries/accidents to Executive Director and Human Resources immediately.Reports Safety and Maintenance issues in the workplace to the Maintenance Department.Any other duties assigned by the Executive Director.Job Type: Full-timeSalary: $60,000.00 to $64,000.00 /year

A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited four year college or university.A minimum of four years supervisory and/or management experience in an agency specializing in residential care, treatment, or day program services for people with intellectual disabilities.Must possess a valid California driver's license and driving record that meets the standards outlined in the Peppermint Ridge Personnel Policy and Motor Vehicle Operating Standards.Must be knowledgeable and experienced in the administration of all aspects of Title 17, Title 22 and Federal Appendix J (W Tags).Must have knowledge and skills related to the principles of effective management and leadership.Must possess superior customer service and inter-personal skills.Must possess basic knowledge related to laws and regulations that govern the administration of personnel employment activities.Must possess the knowledge and ability to provide appropriate training to staff members.Must be physically and mentally fit to work with people with intellectual disabilities and must be willing to complete and pass a health screening physical examination that includes a drug and alcohol screening, TB screening, 50 lb. lift test and lumbar x-ray. Client care requires lifting, pulling, tugging, twisting and bending at the knees.Must be capable of taking and obtaining Sexual Harassment class, Medication Class I and II, CPR Certification, First Aid Certification and Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention (CPI) classes.Must possess proficient knowledge of the English language, written, verbal and computer operation to complete duties as required.Must be willing to complete and pass a personal background investigation conducted by the State of California.Must be willing to work in a culturally integrated workplace and be willing to respect human differences based upon race, age, handicap, religion, sexual orientation, political persuasion, place of origin, color, or any other condition that distinguishes people from one another.Requires the ability to think and act quickly in emergencies, maintain mental capacity that allows the capability of exercising sound judgment and rational thinking under varied circumstances.

Application Instructions::
Apply through our website: peppermintridge.org & download the employment application at:http://www.peppermintridge.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Application-for-Employment-2018.pdf or stop by our facilities front office at: 825 Magnolia Ave. Corona, Ca. 92789

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