Position Title::
Internship Supervisor

Sertoma Centre, Inc.

Matteson, IL

Contact Person::
Director of Human Resources

Phone Number/Email Address::
(708) 371-9700, x212/[email protected]

Job Description::
This position functions as QMHP for individuals assigned and is responsible for the development, implementation, and facilitation of rehabilitation services for assigned individuals, ensuring integration of service planning and provision of services through the involvement of the individual, family, the residential services provider, and other involved persons including agency staff and referral sources. This position also supervises Master Level Interns, assists the Clinical Manager with developing and implementing systems, procedures, and training of PSR staff, coordination of mental health services and staff duties, and quality assurance processes to ensure efficient departmental operations.As with all Community Mental Health and Counseling staff, this position is also responsible for promoting a recovery-oriented environment that reflects the needs of the individuals served, the staff providing services, and the mission of the organization. In addition, this position fulfills needed functions on the team. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES:•Provide direct services to individuals enrolled as prescribed in their Service Plan and complete all required documentation of services provided in compliance with Rule 132 and agency policy, ensuring that the philosophy of recovery is integrated in all aspects of service planning and delivery.•Utilize a team approach in identifying and interviewing Bachelor and Master Level Interns with consideration of: skill, knowledge, integrity, capacity to learn, conflict resolution and motivation for working in the field, along with the recognition of the need to complement the existing team. •Develop in-service training materials, provide training and supervise Master Level Interns, providing oversight of assessments, development, and implementation of individualized Service Plans and direct services while ensuring completion of required training and evaluations.•Provide weekly supervision to interns and complete evaluations in a productive and constructive manner.•Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with universities.•Function as Service Coordinator for the purpose of developing and implementing an Individual-Centered Service Plan for individuals served. This includes:oComplete pre-meeting interview and assessments, including the MHA. Review and ensure completion of all assessments prior to the scheduled Service Plan Meeting in order to determine strengths, abilities, needs, interests, preference, and choice in service provision and incorporate the information into the Service Plan.oSecure input, reports, and information from all persons involved in service delivery prior to the Service Plan Meeting. oSchedule and convene the Service Plan Meeting in a timely manner and in accordance with regulations as set forth by the funding source, licensing entity, and/or accreditation standards.oEnsure that Service Plans are developed with the input of the person receiving services.oEnsure that the Service Plan Meeting is a coordinated effort involving the individual and others involved with service implementation and ongoing supports.oMaintain regular communication with all persons who may be involved with the individual and those requested by the individual or their guardian to participate in the development and/or implementation of the plan.oAssume responsibility for implementation of the plan.oAssist the individual to become familiar with their Service Plan.oEnable the individual’s plan to proceed in an orderly, purposeful, and goal-directed manner.oReview the plan’s responsiveness to the needs and preferences of the person with their input on goal status based upon performance and interest, and satisfaction with services. oSchedule and convene Service Plan Meetings in response to identified needs or for modification of the Service Plan.oIdentify methods/techniques to be utilized for plan implementation.oFacilitate any program modifications including internal program transfers, exit/discharge from agency services, or service enhancements. Ensure that information is communicated in a manner which promotes a smooth transition.oMaintain confidentiality with respect to the individual, their guardian, and the record of the person served.oConsider safeguards to ensure that the individual’s program and interactions are free from abuse and neglect.oAdvocate on behalf of the individual to secure requested or needed services.oEnsure that services promote and protect the rights of the individual served.

•Meets requirements for Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts (LPHA); a Master’s Degree in Human Services related field.•Minimum of two years’ experience working with individuals with mental illness and working knowledge of the recovery model preferred.•Experience with Medicaid Rule 132 documentation and billing requirements preferred.•Current LCSW licensing required.•Valid Illinois driver’s license and documentation of current auto insurance, with good driving record and car available.•Eligible for and completion of certification process to drive PACE vehicles.•Must be willing to work evenings/weekend hours as necessary.

Application Instructions::
ONLY ONLINE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If interested, please apply online via our web site, www.sertomacentre.org, click on “Career Opportunities” and “Search Here.”

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