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Congratulations to our Spotlight Award Winner!


Randy Hendrick, Director of IT and Education at Quality Life Systems, submitted the nomination for Jamie Saturnino.  Excerpts from that nomination include:

Jamie has positively impacted the lives of those she serves in a manner that is unique to her trade mark of love, care and compassion.  With rare exception, the individuals that Jamie serves have experienced at least 12 weeks of confinement, and isolation from physical interaction from family and friends. During this time Jamie has done all that she can to prevent or minimize the associated pain in many ways. To add to the perils of everyday life, we recently experienced a Power Outage lasting nearly twenty four hours. During this time Jamie stepped up and stepped in to help lead outdoor activities, secure take-out meals and secure alternative sources of lighting for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Some might grow weary with the repetitive nature of daily challenges. However such is not the case with Jamie who remains steadfast in demonstrating consistent advocacy, belonging and care for all!  For example, Jamie has implemented an unwritten protocol of promoting an environment of “Spare the Drama” if you can! As a result, the clients she serves know that they can voice any and all concerns while sparing the drama so often associated with the frustrations of daily living. 

While it would be wonderful to have an entire work force of individuals just like Jamie, to do so may be a Trade-Mark violation. Fortunately for Quality Living Systems, New Century Support Services and Group Living Facility will all have the opportunity to borrow and emulate her.  In conclusion, it has been so reassuring to have just the right person, in just the right place at just the right time, in the embodiment of Jamie Saturnino.

NAQ would like to thank Jamie for her dedication, innovation, and positive attitude.  After all, where would we be without outstanding disability professionals like her?     

Do you know a QIDP or case manager that consistently goes above and beyond – someone who deserves a little extra recognition for a job well done? If so, please nominate them for NAQs Spotlight Award - an honor given each month to an exceptional disability professional.  

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