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Congratulations to our Spotlight Award Winner!

February 2020:  Matt Buxton


Deborah Roberts, a fellow QIDP from the Utah State Developmental Center, submitted the nomination for Matt.  "Matt is a participatory manager....and is actively involved in the daily lives of the individuals he supports. He seeks opportunities to make individuals’ lives better, helping them to grow and fulfill their wants, needs, and desires.  In addition to the great job he is doing as a QIDP, Matt also serves in our community’s Autism network by serving on the Autism Resources of Utah County Council, coordinating activities with other agencies and programs to better meet the needs of persons with Autism in our county."

NAQ would like to thank Matt for his dedication, innovation, and positive attitude.  After all, where would we be without outstanding disability professionals like him?     

Do you know a QIDP or case manager that consistently goes above and beyond – someone who deserves a little extra recognition for a job well done? If so, please nominate them for NAQs Spotlight Award - an honor given each month to an exceptional disability professional.  

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