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Congratulations to our Spotlight Award Winner!

Nikki Weaver - December 2020 

Tom McQuillan, Director of Services at The Providence Center, nominated Nikki Weaver.  Nikki is the Assistant Director of Services at the Providence Center in Maryland.    

Nikki oversees supports for 120 people with disabilities and a staffing team of 35. These supports include people in Employment, Community Development Supports, Personal Supports, and Day Hab. Ensuring that each person receives the supports in the most person centered manner requires significant coordination and organization on a daily basis. Nikki holds her team accountable at all levels and rolls up her sleeves right along side her team to get the job done. Titles are not important to her, only working as a team. Due to her enthusiasm and hard work, many people are living their best possible life. She demonstrates flexibility, willingness to change approaches as needed, and love for the work that she does, which then holds each staff member accountable for the same approach. Now people receiving supports are increasing the amount of time that they spend in their communities and working towards inclusion.

Nikki's strengths were proliferated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Leading her team during unchartered territory, Nikki ensured that services resumed for as many people as possible who wanted their services to resume, which meant daily restructuring of schedules, and assignment of vehicles and PPE equipment to staff. During the early part of 2020, the Director who was overseeing Personal Supports for the agency left. Nikki took it upon herself to take over that area and within a few months, had people receiving services who had not received services for over a year, due to previous staffing issues. Also in 2020, due to budget cuts we were not able to replace a Case Manager position that was vacant. Nikki has also taken over that caseload and works diligently to ensure that each person on her caseload receives person-centered services. She rarely shows stress, or the appearance of being overworked, and she always approaches problems with "we can figure it out."


 NAQ would like to thank Nikki for her dedication, innovation, and positive attitude.  After all, where would we be without outstanding disability professionals like her?     

Do you know a QIDP or case manager that consistently goes above and beyond – someone who deserves a little extra recognition for a job well done? If so, please nominate them for NAQs Spotlight Award - an honor given each month to an exceptional disability professional.  

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