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Congratulations to Darlene Lauzon - 

Winner of the QIDP Spotlight Award!

NAQ is pleased to announce that the winner of the January 2019 Spotlight Award is Darlene Lauzon - a QIDP from Open Door Rehabilitation Center in Sandwich, IL.  Mary Kay Longwell, Darlene's co-worker, submitted the nomination.   

"Darlene is continually advocating for our clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities by challenging all to expand one's ideas of WHAT our clients are able to do.  In addition to handling the variety of needs of those on her case load, Darlene leads the teams for a variety of programs at Open Door:  "Spa Days," (taking women out for cuts, manicures & lunch), "Wardrobe Warriors" (organizing annual cyclical inventories of and purchases of basic clothing items for our CILA residents), Prom (organizing preparations for clients attending an annual special-needs prom offered in a nearby community), and Creativity Rooms (developing art programming for clients).  On top of these, Darlene led a campaign to create a new space devoted to our senior clients - those over 60 years of age. Due to her creative thinking, imagination and encouragement, a grant was received to furnish and equip a new space that will be built out for our new Senior Center.  The icing on the cake is Darlene's laid-back, fun personality and sense of humor.   While the job of a QIDP can be fraught with mountains of paperwork, deadlines, meetings, etc., Darlene is always able to share a good laugh as well as share any helpful information with other QIDPs on our team." 

NAQ would like to thank Darlene for her dedication, innovation, and positive attitude.  After all, where would we be without outstanding QIDP's like Darlene?

Do you know a QIDP or case manager that consistently goes above and beyond – someone who deserves a little extra recognition for a job well done? If so, please nominate them for NAQs Spotlight Award - an honor given each month to an exceptional disability professional.  

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Vincent D. Pettinelli found himself in a position as Manager of an Intellectual Disability Center immediately after graduate school over 30 years ago. Although eager and pleased with his new job, he instantly found himself overwhelmed by the new situation and isolated himself from the other employees. Enrolling in a management program at the University of Alabama Business School, he realized that the naive strategies he was putting into practice were creating a negative impact. His thirst to continue learning and educating himself has never stopped and he shares his wisdom and years of experience in Getting IT Done Right.

Unlike generic management books, Getting IT Done Right focuses on the unique issues faced by Human Service Managers. Many organizations either pay for their managers’ education or enroll them in company-based management training. “Not so in Human Services,” says Pettinelli. “Managers who are untrained risk producing mediocre results for their clients. This book challenges Human Service Professionals to fully realize their commitment to high-quality services by dedicating themselves to learning essential management skills.”


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