NAQ Purpose Statement

Founded in 1996, NAQ began its commitment to supporting people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) to live their best possible life by strengthening the learning, training, and personal growth of professionals working within the field of I/DD. Today, NAQ focuses on coaching and inspiring these dedicated professionals as we come together to achieve our organizational imperative:

Study, dialogue, investigate, be curious, experiment, try something new, take classes. 

Partner with others, be a good listener and encourager, build new relationships and friendships, experience support. 

Exchange ideas, positive experiences, useful resources, good books to read. 

NAQ’s efforts include:

  • Presenting a major, national NAQ conference each year. 
  • Engaging an impressive group of subject-matter experts in a variety of forums to share current and critical information.
  • Conducting relevant webinars addressing identified issues.
  • Creating publications and other resources with more to come.
  • Developing and hosting the NAQ Certification Program for I/DD Specialists, which is an in-depth resource aimed at increasing knowledge, skills, and abilities of those professionals as they continue to positively impact the lives of people with disabilities. (virtual format.) 

NAQ's Goals:

  • Embrace access to knowledge and learning surrounding promising/best program practices and supports.
  • Promote contemporary person-centered thinking and practices.
  • Advance the interests of disability professionals.
  • Nurture a community of possibility and hope for the future. 

NAQ: A Commitment to Improvement 

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