Past Webinars:

Date:  July 16, 2020 from 1PM - 3PM 

Title:  Tools & Tips from a Techie!

Session Description:  Learn how to utilize cool mainstream iPad apps and a virtual assistant (Amazon Alexa) to enable an independent life for individuals with “differing abilities”. These tips and tools can be readily utilized by families, care providers and individuals!  Alice will also discuss and demonstrate two of her favorite low tech tools to promote independence especially in the home!

Speaker Bio:  Alice Brouhard RN is a champion of the use of technology, especially tablet technology, to support independence in individuals with memory and cognitive challenges. She has worked tirelessly to set up a system that allows her daughter who sustained a serious TBI to live independently despite significant disabilities. 

She has presented nationally and internationally on the use of high tech and low tech options to promote self determination. Alice is a founding member of Colorado based “Families at the Forefront of Technology” and has served on the steering committees for their annual conferences. She has served on the Assistive Technology Coalition through the University of Colorado. Alice is passionate about the rights of people with cognitive disabilities to access technology and the internet.

Alice has been a TEDx speaker and her work and use of tech, has been featured in state and national publications.  She is a self-described “appaholic” and loves to find new and innovative mainstream tech products to enable independence for those with “differing abilities.”  Alice, and her husband and daughter live in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. They have been recipients of the Garfield County Humanitarian Service award -“Inspiring Hope.”  Her favorite title is that of MOM…Master of Modifications.

Funding provided in whole or in part by The Autism Program of Illinois and the Illinois Department of Human Services in collaboration with the Technology Enhancing Capabilities (TEC) Lab.  


Date:  July 14, 2020 from 2PM - 3PM

Title:  Person Centered Planning in Difficult Times

Session Description:  NAQ is pleased to host Art Dykstra, a long-time leader in the field of developmental disabilities and recent co-author of the book A New Plan: Using Positive Psychology to Renew the Promise of Person-Centered Planning.  Connie Melvin, Executive Director of NAQ, will be interviewing and discussing with Art such issues as controlling the negativity instinct in times of difficulty, the importance of a positive culture, as well as the latest in developments in planning with persons who have disabilities—including the five essential components of person-centered planning.  Join us in thinking more about how we can help those we support build and live their best life possible.

Speaker Bio:  Art Dykstra currently serves as the Director of the Trinity Foundation and also as the CEO of Cherry Hill Consulting Group. The consulting group assists organizations in leadership development, cultural improvement, and person-centered planning. Art is the author of Outcome Management, You Won’t Believe This: Understanding Gossip, Creating a Positive Organizational Culture. and, most recently, A New Plan: Using Positive Psychology to Renew the Promise of Person-Centered Planning.  He is a frequent conference speaker and a fellow in AAIDD.

Date:  June 3, 2020 from 1PM - 3PM CST

Title:  The Internet of Things – New Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

Session Description:  The latest trend in technology is the Internet of Things (IoT). This includes a wide variety of technology including personal in-home voice assistants, mobile tech, and so much more. With these devices come new opportunities to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. This session will focus on how these devices can be used to assist individuals with organization, productivity, independence, and communication at work and home.

Speaker Bio:  Brian Norton currently serves as the Director of Assistive Technology and is responsible for the day-to-day operations the INDATA Project and Clinical Assistive Technology. He utilizes his many years of experience to provide direction, leadership and training to a diverse and highly skilled team of AT specialists. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Anderson University and is a RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS). He hosts a popular podcast and radio show called “ATFAQ – Assistive Technology Frequently Asked Questions” and is well known for his creative application of technology in the areas of job- and education-related accommodations.

Funding provided in whole or in part by The Autism Program of Illinois and the Illinois Department of Human Services in collaboration with the Technology Enhancing Capabilities (TEC) Lab.  


In January/February 2020, ANCOR and NAQ joined forces to offer a 3-part webinar series titled Relationships: The Key for Establishing Exceptional Supports.  We all know that it is critical to establish strong positive relationships with the people we support. It’s also essential for us to develop positive working relationships with the people who comprise their core circle of support. In this webinar series, we explored best practices for developing relationships with guardians, siblings, and staff in order to help the people we serve to live full and meaningful lives.