Position Title::
Community Support Team (CST) Recovery Support Specialist

Sertoma Centre, Inc.

Matteson, IL

Contact Person::
Director of Human Resources

Phone Number/Email Address::
(708) 371-9700, x212/[email protected]

Job Description::
POSITION SUMMARY:This position collaborates with the Community Support Team (CST) to provide Community Support Team services to individuals assigned to CST in order to decrease crisis episodes and increase community functioning. This position utilizes his/her own experiences with recovery to support and motivate consumers in their recovery process. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES:•Through a team approach, provide direct services to individuals assigned to the CST, at least 60% off site during times and locations most convenient to the consumer, in accordance with the Individual’s Service Plan and complete all required documentation according to Sertoma policy, standards of Rule 132, Attachment B, payers, and accreditation bodies.•Utilize personal recovery experiences to offer peer support to consumers, assisting consumers in developing their own personalized recovery plans for mental, emotional, and physical health. Assist consumers to develop, revise their crisis plans while providing community support services that promote a reduction of crisis episodes and the improvement of community functioning.•Maintain open and effective communication with agency and provider staff, family, and others in response to client’s identified needs, client assistance/service needs, treatment plan follow-up, and input on adaptations needed to enhance progress toward goals. Work cooperatively with staff to ensure appropriate access to services as identified during the ITP process.•Function as an advocate ensuring protection of an individual's rights while providing a training element to empower persons with disabilities to understand and protect those rights.•Maintain relationships with local mental health providers, community psychiatric hospitals, and other support services in order to expand services and enhance supports to individuals served.•Promote the awareness of mental health both internally and externally and model active, healthy recovery for individuals served and staff.

•Knowledge and/or experience in Mental Health services.•Must be in recovery from a mental health or substance use disorder.•Ability to use transportation independently.•Must possess basic computer skills and be able to perform data entry.•Punctuality and reliability in the workplace is required.•Must be willing to work evenings/weekend hours as necessary.

Application Instructions::
ONLY ONLINE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If interested, please apply online via our website, www.sertomacentre.org, click on “Job Opportunities” and “Search Here.”

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