TEC (Technology Enhancing Capabilities) Conference

Trinity Services’ Technology Enhancing Capabilities (TEC) Lab has been hosting a conference since 2017 in an effort to acquaint attendees with cutting-edge technologies, essential tools and resources, and promising practices related to the provision of technologies for people with disabilities.   We know that technology can profoundly and positively affect the lives of millions of Americans with disabilities by increasing independence, restoring dignity, and promoting confidence. 

June 21 & 22, 2022

Virtual Event

As the years pass, assistive technology receives more and more recognition as an avenue for increasing or maintaining independence among people with disabilities.  Many states have created pilot programs to test the feasibility of technology adoption and several have chosen to formally fund assistive technology.  While this is wonderful progress, some providers have been reluctant to implement assistive technology projects and programs - largely because they have limited resources and expertise. 

The TEC Lab would like to thank the following speakers for their role in making this event a success: 

Speakers:  Laurie Date, Neal Meltzer, Greg Wellems, Tyler Drey, Susan Tachau, Michael Anderson, Alexa Brill, and George Russo. 

 June 22 & 23, 2021

Virtual Event

Out of an abundance of caution, we chose to host this event virtually this year.  On June 22nd & 23rd, we heard about some of the creative steps that providers are taking toward the adoption of technology, internet connected devices that allow people to gain or maintain independence, and real life success stories. 

The TEC Lab would like to thank the following people/companies for their role in making this event a success:

Speakers:  Todd Stabelfeldt, Connie Harrington,  Stephen Kray,  Erica Gibson, Amanda Carroll, Jared Kannenberg, Kimberly Mercer-Schleider, Amie Lulinski, Brian Norton, & Richard Harrington

Exhibitors & Sponsors:   Technology Enhancing Capabilities (TEC) Lab , The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP), Therap Services, High Tide Press, Simply Home, and Rest Assured

 June 3, 2020:  Cancelled

We held the first Technology Enhancing Capabilities (TEC) Conference nearly four years ago. Our goal was to create a unique and practical learning experience in which attendees could come away with affordable solutions, gain access to cutting edge products, and develop a network of connections with other disability professionals. Each year we look forward to spending this time with you. However, in light of the cornavirus pandemic, we felt that we must cancel the TEC Conference in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our friends and colleagues. 

June 5, 2019

Naperville, IL

The Technology Enhancing Capabilities (TEC) Lab, National Association of QIDPs (NAQ), Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (IARF), Disability Cocoon, and TAP (the Autism Program of Illinois) were proud to host the 3rd annual TEC Conference.   This was no ordinary event - attendees had an opportunity to see, touch, and experience a variety of products as well as connect with experts who shared their tips and tricks for the successful implementation of technology.    

The TEC Lab would like to thank the following people/companies for their role in making this event a success:

Speakers:  Harold Sloves, Constance Harrington, Richard Harrington and Carly Steele

Exhibitors & Sponsors:  Rest Assured, Nucleus Care, Simply Home, Good Life Innovations, Night Owl, Medisked, Infinitec, Cherry Hills Bookstore & High Tide Press, Foothold Technologies, Feel Good, Arc of Illinois, Therap, Health Risk Screening, Station MD, CreateAbility, Quillo, and Disability Cocoon

 June 5 & 6, 2018 

Naperville, IL

On June 6 & 7, 2018 NAQ hosted the 2nd Annual TEC (Technology Enhancing Capabilities) Conference at the NIU Conference Center in Naperville, IL.  This event is dedicated to addressing how assistive technology can improve the lives of and encourage independence for people with intellectual disabilities.  On June 6 service providers, caregivers, and people supported learned about a wide variety of technologies – from cutting edge innovations to well-established products and services. During the hands-on half day event on June 7, attendees were guided through the process of creating their own pieces of assistive technology.  

NAQ would like to thank the following people/companies for their role in making this event an enormous success:

Seakers:  Sandy Henry, Tony Gentry, and Robin Pegg, Krista Opstedal, Brittany Lambert, Anna MacIntyre, Lisa McClory, Dave Zebutis, Dustin Wright, Nate Trainor, Jean Trainor, Troy McAllister, Jennifer Durnas, and Bill Henzlik

Exhibitors & Sponsors:  Rest Assured, Sengistix, Cherry Hill Bookstore, Illinois Assistive Technology Program, Therap, and Modular Hose  

June 6 & 7, 2017

Tinley Park, IL 

On June 6 & 7 2017 the National Association of QIDPs, Illinois Division of Developmental Disabilities, and Coleman Foundation hosted "A Day Long Look at Assistive Technology".  This event introduced families and caregivers/service providers to a variety of assistive technologies that help people with disabilities be as independent as possible. 

NAQ would like to thank the following people/companies for their role in making this event an enormous success:

Speakers: Alice Brouhard, Richard Ellenson, Dustin Wright, Duane Tempel, Bridget Golormini, Luis Perez, Jackie Tijerina, and Mary Held, Richard Harrington and Constance Harrington. 

Exhibitors & Sponsors: Illinois Division of Developmental Disabilities, THe Coleman Foundation, Rest Assured, Night Owl Support Systems, Cherry Hill Bookstore, Infinitec, LiquaGuard Solutions, Simply Thick, CreateAbility, and Aetna